Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedding Pics!!

Ok so we finally got our wedding pics back! There are so many more that I wanted to post on here but of course that would be too many! So here are just a few! I seriously love the man that I am married too! It was such an amazing day to have all of our family and friends with us! Everything was perfect! Thank you all for all of your love and support!!! We love you all!!

New Number!!

Ok so I have a new phone number! I finally got mine up and running! So all add me to you contacts! 801-822-7475! If I don't have your number then text me so I can save you in my phone! Thanks a bunch!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seattle Trip!

So this last week we went to Seattle to babysit Kim's kids while they went on a trip. It was fun hanging out with the boys! We went bowling, had a Harry Potter marithon, and played a lot of games! When Kim and Danny got back I colored Kim's hair and there was a lot of extra product so I colored Micah's and Machay's hair red and put blonde in Mason's hair! They looked good! On Monday we went up to Seattle and went to Pike's Market Place! Jordan got to see the guys throwing the fish and we got to feed the seagull's fries. It was lots of fun!

At the pier!

The biggest cookie ever! It was so amazingly good too!

Pike's Market Place

Here is a video of me and Jordan feeding the seagulls! I got scared! LOL!