Monday, December 15, 2008

Its a......

Ok so we finally had our first ultrasound today! I am 20 weeks along, half way there! I'm doing good and so is our little baby girl! We are very excited for Shante Karen Butler to be here. She looks good and normal! So far she seems normal size which is good, I don't want a 12lb baby comin out! Jordan is looking forward to having a Daddy's Girl! Pink is his new favorite color! LOL! I'm posting a ultrasound picture that the tech desided to play with and make her look cool!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Family Pictures!!

So we finally got family pictures! I don't even remember the last time that everyone was together to get a family picture. It was lots of fun. Thanksgiving was the best one yet. Jordan got to meet some of my family that didn't get to come to the wedding. It was fun watching him play with all the nephews and nieces.
All of us!!

Kim, Danny, Michell, Mackay, Mason, Marcus and Micah

Kristin, Del, Matthew, Buggy, Travis, Sydney, and Rylee

Adam, Casey Ann, Brynley, Sadie, and Diesel

Eric, Tosha, Bayley, Mallory, Collin, McKenna, and Kendra

Kelsey, Joe, Mya, Kaelyn, J.C., Leah, and Nathan

Jared, Janell, Tyson, Bryce, and Madalyn

Me and Jordan

Levi Floyd

Festival of Trees!!

One of Jordan's family traditions each Christmas is to go to the Festival of Trees. It was really fun being able to go with his family this year. It all for charity and we got to see Santa and some performances and got some homemade scones and divinity. It was really fun watching his little brothers and sisters have fun and get them to see Santa.

We wanted to see who was taller Jordan or the nutcracker. The nutcracker won only by a few inches. LOL!!!

When I was growing up Shirley Temple was one of my favorites. I loved all of her movies and while walking around I found this doll so of course I had to take my picture with her.

Jordan and me with Santa. He offered to have a sit on his lap but we passed the weight requirement. LOL!

Adysen Ruth

So we went to Thatcher for Thanksgiving and while we were there I got to visit Adysen. Her and Steph came and met us at the park so my whole family could see them. She is definitely getting way big. She will be turning 2 on Dec 22nd! I was able to give her her Christmas and birthday presents. I gave her a toy purse and some really cute pajamas with giraffes on them. She loved them both.

She can make some really good faces. This is her doing her scared face. So cute!

This is her purse and her showing her teeth.

We both look like cheese balls in this one! Hehe!!