Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Dress and First Booboo!

This is Shante's Christmas dress! She wouldn't hold still for me to take the picture but this one is so cute! Just wish her eyes were open! LOL
We took some outside in the snow! She isn't sitting in the snow, she is sitting in her bumbo!! She was a little cold but they turned out cute!!!
So last night we went to Mapleton to play games with Adam and Casey and I put Shante to sleep on a bed and put pillows around her so she wouldn't roll off! Well it didn't work cause she figured out how to get over the pillows and fell on the floor! We heard her screaming and then found her little bump on her head! I felt so bad, this was her first big owie!
She was ok though! She started to smile!!


Look at that cute face!!!!
Santa brought her this cute outfit as well as the beanie!
These are our matching PJ's we opened Christmas Eve!!
She is just so cute! She is now making a rat face by scrunching her nose!! Loves it!
Christmas Morning!
Shante's stocking with her giraffe hanging out!
Christmas morning this is what we found! Santa came to see us!!