Thursday, July 24, 2008

After the Endowment Session!!!

Man we look cheesy! It must be because we just came out of the temple!!

We are Giants!!!

Me and Heidi! She came all the way from ID to be there with me in the temple! Love you Heidi!

This is my favorite Grandma Ruth who I was named after! It was so amazing to have her with me as I received my endowments!

This is all the siblings after the endowment session! The first time ever that we were all together in the temple!!!

The boys striking a pose! Adam is wearing Jordan's suit coat cause he forgot his! It was a little long in the arms!

All the girls afterwards! Who's that short girl in the middle? Oh wait its CaseyAnn! Love you Casey! Hehe!

Me and my mommy! She's was fun to watch at the temple! She would just randomly start crying! Hehe!!

Jordan and his dad! Dang they are HOT! Hehe

The happy couple with Jordan's parents! I seriously love his parents! They are just amazing!!!