Thursday, January 1, 2009


This was our first Christmas together! We spent it with Jordan's family! We stayed at his parents house Christmas Eve and did all of his families traditions. It was a lot of fun. Normally each year the kids get to open a book and pajamas on Christmas Eve, this year his mom decided to do blankets instead of pajamas. Well I still wanted to have pajamas so I had Jordan's grandma help me make some matching pajama pants and I bought BYU shirts to match. I also got a pink outfit for baby Shante. That's whats on my belly in the pics! They turned out really good and very comfortable. We also got a book and blanket too from his mom. This was for sure the best first Christmas ever! We played santa for each other and it was fun surprising Jordan as well as being surprised. Its been awhile since I've had a Christmas when I didn't know what I was getting. Jordan spoiled me! Jordan was very cute after I went shopping and he couldn't wait to find out what he was getting! It was fun watching him open his girfts! We also made a stocking for Shante and has some stocking stuffers for her. It was just an excuse for me to be able to buy some cute baby girl stuff! All in all it was an amazing Christmas, it was also fun to have little kids around and see them open there presents. His little siblings are so cute!

This was all the loot santa brought us. You can see Shante's stocking in the middle!