Friday, January 1, 2010

Family Pic!

Shanté look at the camera!!!
Here we are at church after Christmas all dressed up! I love Shanté's face in both these pics!

New Year's Eve

So on New Year's eve we were at Jordan's parents house hanging out and playing games all day! It was lots of fun! Here are just a few pics from the day!
So I got a new camera and was playing with it all day and had so much fun editing pictures on it! So cute! LOL!
At midnight we woke Shanté up so we could kiss her!
See the clock says 12:02, she was so excited! LOL!
Trevon just couldn't wait till midnight, he fell asleep!!
Shanté had fun playing in her walker all day and trying to take down the Christmas tree!

Giraffe Outfit!

Her favorite toy! A cup!
Shanté got this cute giraffe outfit for Christmas from Grandma Karen! Thank you grandma! I ordered the cute giraffe bow from my friend Erica and it just looks so cute together! We were at my in-laws and sometimes to stop Shanté from getting into everything we like to put her in big tupperware bins to get her to hold still! Hehe!

She makes the best faces sometimes!!