Monday, April 19, 2010

Shanté is 1

So I can't believe that my baby girl is now 1! This past year has gone by so fast. Shanté is now walking everywhere and is learning so much. Her first official word was daddy and now she says hi! She can also say Ady, there is a picture of Adysen hanging in her room and when she gets up in the morning or from naps she looks as the picture and waves and says "Hi Ady!" Every time I try to get her to say mommy she shakes her head no! I'm sure one day she will say it and then I'm sure she won't stop saying it! LOL! She loves to make a noise like a tiger as well as she can find her ear and mommy's nose. She is so tall that we had to get her a whole new wardrobe for the summer cause everything was too small. I know shocker right, that we could have a tall baby! I have loved every minute of this past year with girly, as I like to call her. She is the best baby ever and we have had so much fun together playing and learning. I do miss not having a little baby to cuddle with me so Jordan and I are ready to add to our family. We will let you know when that will be. We love Shanté so much and couldn't imagine life without her! She keeps us on our toes and is always entertaining! She wanted me to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes!!


Her cute Birthday dress! Love that face!

She gets excited when she sees something new and makes this face!

Walking like a big girl outside!

She loves to swing with her Uncle Trevon!

My friend Julie makes the best cakes ever! I love the giraffe!!

Shanté loves it too!

Uncle Keaton got her these glasses! She actually didn't take them off for awhile!

This summer for the Jone's family reunion we are going camping so we thought we would get her her own chair, she loves that she can get out of it by herself! She also loves to play with our laptop so we got her her own too! Now she can bang on it all she wants!

Papa and Nana got her this very cute giraffe bike!

Opening presents! Loves the laptop!

She loves to open and close it!

She also got lots of cute outfits for the summer!

We got Shanté her own cake to eat and she didn't really like it. She liked it when I fed it to her but she didn't like it all over her hands!

She kept reaching for me but I couldn't hug her cause she was covered in cake!

She did not like it!

After eating cake we got her all cleaned up to go outside and play!

She loved walking around out there!

She found a jump rope to play with!

Having fun playing outside!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Funny Faces!

So I was trying to get a good picture of Jordan and I on his birthday but every time I looked at the picture after taking it this is what I found! Its his own fault that I'm posting them for everyone to see! Sorry babe! I loves you!

He finally took a good one!!

Jordan's Birfday!

So for Jordan's birthday we decided to take a little trip to Wendover. Shanté stayed with Nana and Papa so we could go! We stayed Thursday night and then came back Friday to have dinner with Jordan's family and to open presents. It was a lot of fun to have a nice trip just the two of us. We did miss girly a lot though.

In car on our way out of town!

At the hotel buffet for dinner!

The gross wallpaper in our hotel room!

Our room with the hot tub right by the bed! Lol!

It was even big enough to fit Jordan in it! Hehe!

Family picture at Jordan's parents, right before he opened presents!

Monday, April 5, 2010


I loves Easter!! I love the traditions that Jordan and I are starting together! We went to Jordan's house Sunday morning because the Easter bunny came and left Shanté all kinds of eggs all over the house. He also left her a Easter basket. She was so fun to watch crawl around and find eggs. Because she doesn't eat candy yet, in her basket and eggs she had baby cereal treats and juice and some fun toys. She also got the cutest Easter dress but I don't have pictures of her in it yet. I got a Easter dress and Jordan got a Easter tie. We will be getting family pics in a couple weeks so you will see us in our Easter stuff then. Later that night we went to the Jone's egg hunt. Shanté had fun there too playing with cousins and finding eggs. All in all it was a fabulous day, especially since it was conference as well and I loved all the talks.

At the Jone's egg hunt!

She loved her Easter book!

After the egg hunt at Papa and Nana's!