Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Work Party

Jordan's boss had a start of the Summer party and it was lots of fun! He got face painters, balloon makers, cotton candy machine, snow cone machine, 5 bounce houses, a rock climbing wall, and also had J-Dogs for lunch! It was lots of fun and Shanté had the best time ever! It was fun watching her run around!

She kept so still to get her face painted! She doesn't hold that still when I do her hair!

The girl did so good!

Jordan was lame and wouldn't get his face painted so he got one on his hand!

So cute!

We are so cute!

Had to get a good pic of my face!

So tough Jordan!

She loved the slides! Not sure who the girl behind her is!

Jordan went down the slide a couple times too!

At the top of the slide!

Jordan was racing Blaine and so that's why he was going so fast and had to jump to touch the bottom!

Jordan and Blaine racing!