Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Pics

She is so cute when she is asleep!

Daddy fell asleep!!

Grandma Karen with Shante when she came after her birth!

Uncle Levi came from Cedar City to see Shante!

Uncle Eric and cousin Bayley came into town!

Aunt Shally was cuddling with Shante!

Dr. Gourley, he missed her delivery but we still got a picture of them together!

Aunt Michelle finally got to see her!

Shante Mack

The other day we drove up to Moroni to see my mom and brothers and we stopped to see my sister Shante's grave sight. Our daughter Shante was named after her so we took some pictures. I always knew I was going to name my first daughter after her. Its special also that her middle name is Karen, after my mom and its also my middle name. I have always missed my sister and I'm glad to remember her by naming our daughter Shante.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

I had such a good mothers day! Today was also Shante's first time going to church! We went to our old ward to show her off! She was a hit! She was so stinkin cute in her dress! Jordan was so good to me today too! I got to go shopping for my mothers day present, which was fun! We went to Jordan's parents house for dinner and spent time with his granny and grandma! It was a good day, Shante came just in time for it too! Happy Mother's day to all you mothers too!!

Bath Time!

She is now getting used to bath time! She is so cute splashing her legs in the water! Love bath time!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two weeks!

Well we just had Shante's two week appointment and she is looking good! She lost almost a pound only a couple days after being born so we were excited to see that she has gained back all the weight and is doing good! She is seriously the best baby ever! She sleeps so good throughout the night and just chills during the day when she is awake! We love her so much! This last weekend we moved into a new apartment too! Its a little bigger and much nicer! We are now settled and getting back to normal life! I will post more pics of Shante soon!