Monday, September 27, 2010

Trip to AZ

Oh my goodness our trip to AZ was so much fun!!! Just to warn you there are a lot of pictures. It started Wednesday morning driving to AZ at 5:00am. We stopped in Mesquite to get our eyes checked by my cousin and realized we left way to early for the time we were suppose to meet him. So we made some stops on the way to delay time getting there. This is a rocking chair that is in Beaver and we love stopping there to see it. This was about 6:30am and Shanté is still all smiles and thought the chair was so fun. We stopped in Mesa to see my mom and spend a little time with her before heading to Thatcher. Shanté loved riding the carousel with her. We were able to stay at my Grandma Ruth's house while there and that was a lot of fun as well. Shanté warmed up to her and my dad real quick and loved to play games with grandma. They took very good care of us while there and grandma even let us sleep in her bed cause she wanted Jordan to be able to fit on her bigger bed then the pull out couch bed. We got family pictures taken while there by Amber Halverson and she did so good. She posted one on facebook as a sneak peak and its so cute so I can't wait to get the rest of them. Shanté was such a little model the whole time and was all smiles! I will post the pics once we get them. It was so fun to see old friends and hang out with them. They were all so amazed at how tall Jordan was. We were able to go see Adysen while there and Adam cooked for us. So I had Casa a total of 3 times while there. I could have eaten it more then that though cause it so dang good! Its so fun to hang out with them. The dinner that I planned for our reunion went so good! Casa catered it for us and we had a really good turn out. And of course the food was amazing! Shanté got to go spend more time with Stephanie and Adysen cause Steph babysat for us while we were at the dinner. I loved seeing everyone from High School and spending time with them. The drive home seemed to take way longer then the drive there but Shanté did so good the whole time. Over all it was a pretty fun trip! I can't wait to go back!

This chair is huge!

She loved it!

Daddy and girly! Its just the right size for Jordan! LOL!

Mommy and girly!

She was all smiles!

At McDonalds in Cedar eating breakfast.

Feeding the ducks at the Casa Blanca Casino!

So cute!

In the car driving! Can you see girly made it in the pic too! Hehe!

Grandma Karen and girly on the carousel!

Hold on!

She loved seeing grandma and playing with her!

Me and Ady

Adysen was so excited to see Shanté. It was so cute! They had a lot of fun playing together!

Cheese! I love her hair!

Shanté kept looking at her like I think I know you!

She loves to take baths. Her hair gets so long when its wet!

Adysen was trying to hide from me!

When we were at Adam and Stephanie's they were giving Adysen and Hollen a bath and Shanté wanted to get in too but once she was in she realized to didn't like taking baths with other people. So we took her out and she got to run around in her diaper!

Adysen finally warmed up to Jordan when we went to pick up Shanté from there house! She kept jumping on him and playing with him. So cute!