Saturday, July 9, 2011

5K for Wendy

This morning was a 5K for my cousin Wendy and her baby Maylee! It was a fundraiser to help out Denny and the kids! It was so amazing to see how many people showed up to support Denny! I must admit that the 5K kicked my butt, but I needed it! It was nice to see family and to be there for Denny, Wendy and the kids! We love you Wendy and Maylee and you are very much missed!

Right before the 5K! I did walk it and I was still so freakin tired! It was mostly uphill!

Shanté wanted to go down the slide but the race was about to start!

Uncle Roger, Kari and Katie

Uncle Kenny, Shanell, Chris, Kyle, Jonathan, and Ally

Everyone getting ready to let go of there balloons in honor of Wendy and Maylee!

Dallin, Denny's oldest son!


Denny with Evan on his shoulders, his youngest son!