Friday, April 3, 2009

Belly Pics!

Well I am now almost 36 weeks pregnant! I am very large and in charge! We had a Dr. apt this week and the Dr said everything is looking good! We are hoping she will be here soon. I'm for sure ready to have her here! Can't wait to dress her up in all the cute outfits I have! I will keep you posted on her arrival!

Jordan Turns 21!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jordan! Yesterday was Jordan's 21st birthday!! The original plan was to go to Vegas for the weekend but since we have Shante on the way it just didn't work out! So I ended up making him his favorite dinner, chicken enchiladas and spanish rice! I also made him his favorite cake, yellow cake with rainbow frosting! After dinner we went shopping and he got to spend his birthday money! It was all around a good day and it was fun spending it with him! He didn't end up going to work so we could hang out all day! Plus we had a Dr. apt! Happy Birthday babe!! Love you so much!!!

Baby Shower!

So I had my baby shower a couple weeks ago! It was so much fun and I got a lot of good stuff! I was so busy opening presents that I wasn't paying attention to taking pictures! This is the only picture I took, Jordan's grandma made me this beautiful quilt! I seriously love it that I don't even want to use it! Just want to keep it nice and baby fluid free! LOL!! Once we have a bedroom for her I plan on decorating in a Noah's Ark theme, so I can finally get all my giraffe's out of storage! Just want to say thanks to everyone who came and sent presents! Love you all!!