Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ok so mine and Jordan's favorite thing to do is go to the temple! We have been going pretty much weekly whether its for sealings, endowments, baptisms or initiatories. We LOVE the temple! The spirit there is so amazing and we love drinking it all in! We finally went and did a live endowment with Jordan's parents a couple weeks ago in Salt Lake City temple! I seriously love it! We have gone again since and we are working on getting up to the Manti temple to do a session there too. This last trip we had some time to spare before the session so we went to the visitors center and it was fun cause Jordan hadn't been there for awhile. We loved walking around! When we were ready to go into the session the cute little old man that took my recommend was my Uncle Reed! It was so nice to walk into the temple and see family! He was so cute and was excited to finally meet Jordan! Its always nice seeing family, expecially at the temple! So if anyone is in town and want to do a session you better not leave us out! Love you!!!

This was after the session eating at Olive Garden!