Friday, July 8, 2011

Layla and Shanté

Its so crazy when I put Shanté's old clothes on Layla! I'm glad I have another baby that I can dress up in my favie outfits of Shanté's!

Every time I get the camera out to take pics of Layla, Shanté of course wants to be included!

Just a cute pic of Shanté sneezing!

I sent Shanté up stairs to get a outfit for Layla and this is what she picked out! So cute!

We went to Chucky Cheese for dinner and she loved this car, well at least until I put money in it! She didn't like how it tilled up!

4th of July 2011

So one of Jordan's families traditions is they go to fox field and eat dinner, play games, and just hang out before the Stadium of Fire fireworks start! It was so stinkin hot! It was lots of fun though!

Trying to cool off in some shade!

Me and my Layla Bug! This is the same outfit Shanté wore at her first 4th of July! Can't believe Layla is wearing it now!

Me and Girly! She was obviously hot!!

My girls!!!

Jordan took Shanté to see the hot air balloons and she loved it!

She loves it when daddy put her on his shoulders!

4th of July morning watching the parade! This parade was such a big deal! People were camping out all night long just to get a good seat for it! I'm not sure why its a big deal, there wasn't even any candy thrown! We did wake up at 5:00am to put our blankets and chairs out and we were still too late! Didn't have the best seats ever but they were alright!

Daddy with Layla!

Daddy with his girls!