Friday, September 18, 2009


Well just wanted to post a quick update on how we are doing! Jordan is doing good, he just started a new job! He finally got a job in graphic design and he loves it! Its really close to work so now I will get to see him for lunch! Its for a company called Exactrail! They make model trains! Its a small company but are well established and he is doing so good there! Shante is now eating cereals and its so cute! She is doing really good at it and loves it! She likes to hold my hand like its a bottle and she still sucks on the spoon! She is getting bigger or I should say taller! She is now rolling over and I think she is close to crawling! I am still the same! I get to stay home with Shante and I love it! We love to go for walks in the morning and she loves to watch TV with me all day! Hehe! Well I will post more later!!!!!

Levi's Football Game!

Shante and I drove down to Cedar with me mom for Levi's first football game! Jordan had to work and couldn't go but we missed him! It was a really good game and Levi did so good! Shante is starting to be scared of people she doesn't see very often so she tends to cry when Levi holds her so thats why he is holding her away from him so she won't see him! I know she loves her Uncle Levi though!!