Thursday, March 24, 2011

Newborn Pics of Layla

We got Layla's newborn pics done by an awesome photographer! Here are some of my favs!

Shanté loves her little sister!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Layla Daisy

Our second little girl is finally here. We're so excited to have her here, and have already fallen completely in love with her. It was an eventful journey to get her here, though.

After a visit to the hospital on Sunday the 6th with regular contractions, we were sent home to wait for another day. Ruthy had been having lot's of contractions, but not enough change to make anything happen. Her Dr. appointment on Monday showed no further progress either, and we were beginning to wonder what was taking her so long! Turns out she had other plans for her arrival. Stubborn kid.

Friday evening came, and Ruthy's contractions had again been consistent and painful for several hours, so we made another trek to Labor & Delivery. They kept us for an hour, and still no change from where she was at previously, three centimeters. Feeling deflated, we headed home to catch up on some sleep. As we were leaving the hospital, driving home and as we relaxed for a few minutes at home, her contractions began to get very strong and close together. I immediately felt that we should head right back to the hospital, but she wasn't immediately on board for fear of being sent home again. After some convincing, and a few more painful contractions, we were headed right back to where we had just been sent home from. Luckily, my sister Shally had spent the night at our house to be there with Shanté.

So, we got to the hospital and Ruthy was content to lounge in the car for a little while to see if the contractions would subside. Of course, with each more painful contraction I began to get more and more nervous. Finally she agreed to go back inside and get checked out. We walked in, she got changed, got checked, and just like that, she had dilated to a five. They immediately admitted her, and within the half hour, she had the epidural. Feeling no pain, and realizing that Layla would soon be joining us, we were both on top of the world. Things progressed quickly from there and soon it was time to push. All it took was a few well-timed pushes, and she was out. She was born at 4:10 am on Friday, March 11th , 2011. She weighed 7 lbs 10 ozs and was 21 inches long. One inch longer than her sister Shanté when she was born. Bragging rights.

Things have been going great since. We are now at home, and Mommy and Layla are both doing great, despite being a little behind on sleep still. We're trying to wrap our minds around having two children, Shanté is excited about finding little ways to help with the baby, and we're all just excited to have eachother, and have a wonderful new addition to our little family.

Also, Layla will share a birthday with her cousin, Caden Gary Mack, born to Jared and Janelle Mack on the 11th as well. We think that will be really fun for them as they get older! Layla was an inch taller at we'll have to wait and see how things shake out, size-wise.

We're so grateful to all of the family and friends who have helped out and come to visit over the last few days. Especially my parents and family, Ruthy's brother Levi and his wife Sarah, and my friends and extended family who have stopped by. Now, time for some photos.

Right after her delivery

Daddy, Te Te and Layla

All dressed and ready to go home from the hospital

Bundled up in her car seat

Te Te helping Mommy feed Layla